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Monday / June 27.
HomemifashionnewsRiviera Rebellion Attracts Cult Following

Riviera Rebellion Attracts Cult Following

Funky Australian brand AM Eyewear’s founder and chief designer started out with an aim to create eyewear unlike anything else on the street. Now, having earned a reputation for his couture designs, his frames are regularly spotted on everyone from hipster kids to Lady Gaga, Beyonce, Gwen Stefani, Rihanna, Sienna Miller and Jay Z.

Simon (Kumar) Ponnusamy started AM Eyewear eight years ago and insists on an artisan approach to every new collection. “I design using only a pad and pencil in order to feel each line of the frame,” he says. “It takes a lot longer than using a computer because I’m forever erasing and then remarking the page until I get it right. But I just love the way this allows the frame to slowly come alive as I get to know every line intimately.”

The artisan approach continues beyond Ponnusamy who engages master craftsmen, that he says, carve each sample out of a solid piece of acetate much in the same way an old sculptor whittles wood.AM Eyewear’s stunning new collection, Riviera Rebellion (pictured), is inspired
by jazz and sensual Riviera romance of the past.