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Friday / May 24.
HomeminewsHoya Lens Restructures in Australia

Hoya Lens Restructures in Australia

Hoya Lens has restructured its Australian operations, and will expand its production capabilities and capacity, in an effort to overcome the negative impact of market conditions and the Thailand natural disaster of 2012.

In an announcement, Brad Bairstow, Managing Director of Hoya Lens, said the company’s offices in Perth and Adelaide have been closed and the operation of these two offices consolidated into its Sydney Headquarters.

To manage the effect of the closures, the customer service and fitting teams in Sydney have been expanded and processes put in place.

Mr. Bairstow said the expansion of HOYA Laboratory in Sydney – through significant investment in new anti-reflective coating technology and state of the art freeform surfacing systems – will allow the company to increase its production capacity and its focus on high technology products.

This will support the local independent market and protect Hoya Lens from damaging long-term supply shortages caused by local disasters such as last year’s Thailand floods.

In January, Mr. Bairstow told mivision that the Thailand natural disaster had been devastating for Hoya Lens globally and in particular, for Australia, which lost about 30 per cent of its capacity to supply product.

To ensure this level of impact would never re-occur, a company-wide strategy to increase capacity and capability in strategic locations around Asia Pacific would ensure continuity of supply for all customers across the region.

“Continuity of supply in the future for our local customers is essential. With manufacturing capacity in Australia, Malaysia, Korea, Vietnam, Indonesia and Thailand, we’ll no longer be reliant on one facility,” said Mr. Bairstow.

He said Hoya Lens expects its new equipment to be in operation by May 2012 and production will resume in the Thailand lab which will see service return to previous levels shortly thereafter.

“I look forward to once again being able to provide the high level of service expected from HOYA and get back to working with you to grow and develop our industry,” added Mr. Bairstow.