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Monday / April 15.
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Essilor Varilux S Series

Essilor has introduced the Varilux S Series range which the company says “aims to break the progressive lens compromise between wider fields of clear vision and low levels of swim effect”.

Essilor aims to achieve this advance through three new innovations:

1. SynchronEyes: a lens design which takes into account the exact physiological differences between both eyes, optimising binocular fields of vision to deliver wider fields of clear vision. Binocular fields of vision are up to 50 per cent wider through Varilux S Series lenses compared to main premium lenses.

2. Nanoptix: is a lens technology which “redefines the fundamental lens structure virtually eliminating the swim effect to deliver more balance when a wearer moves. Up to 90 per cent of swim effect is reduced through Varilux S Series compared to main premium lenses.

3. 4D Technology: The 4D Technology takes into account the dominant eye in the lens calculation to ensure a faster visual reaction for Varilux S 3D and Varilux S 4D wearers. Essilor says “all lenses in the Varilux S Series range provide perfect image rendering while Varilux S 3D and 4D lenses additionally integrate the time dimension for a faster vision experience. For wearers, eye reaction time is improved.”

The full Varilux S Series range is available from April 2013: Varilux S Design, Varilux S Design (Short), Varilux S Fit, Varilux S 3D and Varilux S 4D.

For more details contact your Essilor Account Manager.