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Wednesday / May 22.
HomeminewsProf. Mo Jalie Launches Essilor’s Varilux S Series

Prof. Mo Jalie Launches Essilor’s Varilux S Series

Essilor has launched a lens that they claim reduces the swim effect experienced when wearing progressive lenses by 90 per cent and increases field of vision by 50 per cent.

Last night in Sydney the company launched its new Varilux S Series – and hailed it as the most advanced development in lens design seen in the past 40 years.

Speaking at the launch event, Professor Mo Jalie, recognised internationally as an authority on the design of spectacles lenses, said “Essilor gave me a pair of Varilux S Series some months ago and I was astonished when I put them on by their performance”.

He went on to say that previously “if anyone asked me what varifocals I wear my honest answer would have been I can wear any of them”.

The new generation lens is the first progressive lens to break the compromise between both wider fields of clear vision and stability during motion by combining three technologies: Nanoptix, SynchronEyes and 4D Technology.

Nanoptix reduces swim effect by up to 90 per cent by breaking the lens into thousands of tiny elements.

SynchronEyes takes into account the physiological differences between the left and right eyes, to maximise binocular fields of vision.

4D technology respects the leading role of the dominant eye, which arrives first on the target and plays an important role in the perception of space.

Professor Jalie said with the Varilix S Series Essilor has been able to create a lens that provides both limited swim effect and large field of vision. The geometry of the S series lends itself to “good optical performance” he said.