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Sunday / June 23.
HomeminewsNow 25 Stores in the Specsavers ‘100 Club’

Now 25 Stores in the Specsavers ‘100 Club’

Twenty-five of Specsavers 281 stores have achieved weekly sales figures of AUD$100,000, according to Peter Larsen, Director of Professional Services at Specsavers.

In doing so these stores have joined the elite of Specsavers store-owners, in a group called ‘the 100 Club’. “It’s a small but growing group of store owners with incredible enthusiasm,” said Mr. Larsen.

The first store to join the 100 Club was Specsavers in Robina. Luke Mathers is the principal optometrist and store owner. He joined the group in 1993 in the United Kingdom and was a Specsavers store partner there from 1998–2001. When he returned to Australia he opened a practice in Queensland before converting it to Specsavers in 2008. He sold the following year to open his current Specsavers store in Robina. In 2010 he joined the 100 Club.

World Record Sales

As well as being a long-standing member of the 100 Club, Mr. Mathers’ store has achieved a Specsavers world record. On 27 December 2012 his store achieved sales of AUD$69,000 in just one day.

There’s a lot to be said for a big marketing fund that keeps the awareness levels up by constantly promoting new offers and deals into the market place…

“Boxing Day is traditionally slow for our store so four years ago we decided to leave this big sale day to all the other stores in the Robina shopping centre and focus on making a noise on the 27th. We sent out cards to every patient who had had their eyes tested in the previous weeks and hadn’t bought spectacles. We offered $100 off their lens extras – photochromics, multi-coats and so on,” said Mr. Mathers.

Additionally, on the day his staff gave the store a surfing theme and raised funds for the nearby Kirra Surf Life Saving Club. “So we had life savers with fund raising buckets, beach balls and boards throughout the store. We had the Beach Boys playing – the place looked and sounded like a carnival and anyone who walked past couldn’t help but come in.”

He said throughout the 12 hour trading day (it was a Thursday) the store had three optometrists conducting eye tests and 20 staff rostered to look after customers. “I have a fully motivated staff, they love Specsavers, and they want to do the best for their customers,” he said, adding that achieving a AUD$69,000 day “takes the ceiling off what you think is possible… our only ceiling at the moment is space. We could do with more testing rooms but we’ve got the biggest space available in the shopping centre and the store next door to ours isn’t looking to move,” he said.

22 Per Cent Growth Last Year

Mr. Mathers’ Robina practice is not the only Specsavers store to have experienced positive growth. According to Mr. Larsen, the group has achieved growth of 22 per cent over the past financial year (1 March 2012 – 28 February 2013), if you include revenue generated from new stores; or 17 per cent, like for like. He said success comes down to the store partner.

“There’s a lot to be said for a big marketing fund that keeps the awareness levels up by constantly promoting new offers and deals into the market place. Then there’s also the way our people take that opportunity to the next level. What they do in store – whether they create special events for example, how they train their team, their passion and their love for working with customers.”

He said Luke Mathers has that passion and he instils it in his people. “He makes use of the tools and support from Specsavers marketing and he adds his own sprinkle of magic to that. He pulls out all stops,” said Mr. Larsen.