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Saturday / April 20.
HomemifashionnewsOnkler Creates History

Onkler Creates History

This must be the year for new Australian eyewear designers. Sydney creative Nick Jahns has just released his first look book for his emerging brand Onkler, and it’s loaded with edgy designs.

This is 28-year old Jahns’ first foray into independent eyewear design but it’s something he’s been working towards for some time.

“I was a graphic designer before working in fashion. I started a creative agency in 2010 but I wanted a project for myself. Eyewear design was something I’d been thinking about for a while so I started up Onkler in May this year.

Onkler eyewear stands out for its bold, edgy shapes, solid lines and in many cases, block colour. “Shape is the most important aspect of my design – I try to keep each piece separate from the others so that it retains its own identity,” Jahns told mivision.

Shape is the most important aspect of my design…

He said when it comes to creativity, he’s inspired by individuals who, and objects that, defined a moment in history. “To me, Audrey Hepburn defined the 50s, and radio defined the 70s. The British photographer David Bailey has also been a big inspiration. I adapt the shapes, styles and colours from those inspirations to suit the modern era.”

The first Onkler collection is unisex and Rx-able. With seven styles, each in three colourways, it’s an impressive first outing and they’re already being stocked in NSW, WA and Vic.

Visit www.onkler.com for details.