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Monday / July 15.
HomeminewsTransitions Photochromatic Optom Demo Tool

Transitions Photochromatic Optom Demo Tool

Transitions has created a new virtual tool aimed at helping optometrists and dispensers demonstrate the abilities of photochromatic lenses.

Launching this month, the Transitions Viewer is designed to emulate the experience of wearing Transitions lenses.

The demonstration tool asks users a series of questions about what is important to them to find out which adaptive lens would best suit them.

“Once the user has selected lenses from the Transitions family of brands, they experience a simulation of the lenses in four different types of scenery,” Transitions spokeswoman Kerry Sanders said. “Users can take a 360 degree view of the scenery, to see how their Transitions lenses will adjust to changing light.”

The demonstration tool is available online at www.transitions.com/en-au/virtual-viewer now and is scheduled for release in the App Store, for use on iPads, early next year.