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Thursday / June 20.
HomeminewsLux Endorses OAA with New Direction

Lux Endorses OAA with New Direction

Chris Beer, Luxottica’s President – Asia Pacific has called on the optometry community to continue to endorse Optometry Australia (formerly Optometrists Association Australia) and encouraged its optometrists to be members of the Association despite Luxottica providing “the same, if not more, services, benefits and insurance.”

In a letter addressed to “Our Optometry Community” and distributed to all Luxottica employees on 8 May, Mr. Beer wrote about the importance of “High Trust Relationships and Trusting Partnerships” because he wrote, “Without Trust, nothing else matters”.

Mr. Beer highlighted the role the Association has played in shaping Australian eye health and the optometry profession.

“The OAA has represented and supported the Optometry Profession, the Optometry Community and its members in a range of initiatives over time. Through its connections, relationships and partnerships across the board it has helped set and maintain quality standards of eyecare for all Australians. It has helped the optometry community grow, develop and prosper in the services and payments they receive through Medicare. It has been a valuable provider of resources, skills, expertise and comprehensive indemnity insurance to its members… What has impressed me most by the association is its commitment and resolve to looking after the Eyecare needs of Australians and the quality and Health of the Profession.”

Mr. Beer encouraged continued support of OAA because “together with the OAA and our other High Trust Relationships we can make a greater difference and leave a brighter legacy in the Australian Optometry Community.

“So I call on you to continue to support your Association as it has supported you over the many years and help build an even stronger future for our profession and industry. I would also encourage each of you to reach out to your colleagues in other organisations to continue their association as some other organisations today don’t have the same value or ambitions for the health of Australians as we do at Luxottica.”

The message came as OAA announced it would change its name to Optometry Australia and alter its focus to play a greater role in lobbying and advocating for community eye health and the optometry profession as a whole.