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Wednesday / August 17.
HomemiproductsEssilor Soltes Wide & Relaxsee

Essilor Soltes Wide & Relaxsee

The modern presbyopic generation spends more than half their waking time on digital devices. As a result, excellent visual acuity for near and intermediate zones is essential.

The new generation Soltes Wide is part of Nikon’s E-Life series and the latest design for extended near distance category lenses. Soltes Wide offers superior optical quality for near and intermediate vision tasks, such as digital devices and other close up viewing, for today’s presbyopics.


Relaxsee is specially designed to answer the needs of non-presbyopic patients who show symptoms such as eye strain or visual fatigue. Nikon Relaxsee’s Twin Zone technology addresses this challenge of both far and near vision for patients with an ingenious gradation of the prescription surface. The purpose of the Relaxsee lens is to help patients who are non-presbyopic but experience eye strain and visual fatigue when doing extensive hours of reading or computer work.

In addition, Relaxsee is ideally suited to help pre-presbyopic patients (who do not yet require an add power) to adjust faster to progressives when the time comes.

For information contact your Nikon Account Manager or visit www.nikon-lenswear.com