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Saturday / May 28.
HomemiproductsTheraTears for Healthy Eyes

TheraTears for Healthy Eyes

Contact Lens Centre Australia Ltd is the Australian distributor of the TheraTears range of dry eye products which comprises: TheraTears Lubricating Eye Drops, TheraTears Gel, SteriLid and TheraTears Nutrition.

Tears of patients with dry eye have a higher tear film osmolarity. This in turn leads to morphological and biochemical changes to the corneal and conjunctival epithelum.1 TheraThears Lubricating Eye Drops and Gel have an electrolyte balance that uniquely mimics the human tear film. People using TheraTears Lubricating Eye Drops and Gel will reach a normal osmolarity after week four and maintain a normal osmolarity after week 11.2

TheraTears Nutrition contains healthy omega-3 oils from the flaxseed plant and cold-water purified fish with no mercury or PCBs. Unlike many omega-3 products available from health food stores, it is lignan free, which is important as lignan worsens dry eye.

Contact: Contact Lens Centre (AUS) 03 9543 1811


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