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Monday / July 22.
HomemiproductsDailies Total1 Water Gradient Contact Lens

Dailies Total1 Water Gradient Contact Lens

After more than a decade of product development and successful European and US launches, Alcon has brought the much anticipated Dailies Total1 to the Australian market.

The company says Dailies Total1 promises to deliver a new era in comfort.1 “Advances in surface chemistry combined with a heritage of silicone hydrogel innovation and the newest generation of Alcon’s proprietary LightStream technology have made Dailies Total1 possible.”

The new category of contact lenses has a gradient design in both material properties and water content, enhancing performance at both core and surface. The highly breathable silicone hydrogel core, with a low water content of 33 per cent, transitions into a soft hydrophilic surface gel made up of more than 80 per cent water content, which then approaches 100 per cent at the outer surface.2,3

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