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Thursday / May 30.
HomemioptometrySetting Goals and Making Plans

Setting Goals and Making Plans

Commitment to a strategic plan is imperative to success.

My daughter Sarah, who used to work at the Association, left us about a year ago to begin her career as a personal trainer. Four months ago she discovered the joys of powerlifting and at the World Championships in November came second in her weight class – which isn’t bad when you’ve only been at it for 16 weeks! OK, so that’s the parental boast.

The lesson is that you can achieve quite astonishing things if you have a definite and well-defined goal in mind and work to that goal.

I’ll bet when Mark Cushway and Todd Tai started mivision, their goal wasn’t “to produce a nice looking publication”. They would have had sales figures, distribution goals and a bunch of other hard numbers in their sights.

…it’s great to see so many members finally able to charge patients for the true value of their services. I commend you for committing to this new system…

Equally, what’s the most useless New Year’s resolution you can think of? Let me suggest that it is: “I’m going to get fit.” Why? Because ‘getting fit’ is completely amorphous – it’s as big or small as you want it to be. And after work on a Friday I can assure you it’s going to be small!

So, when you look at your goals for 2015 (and beyond) put some numbers behind them. Don’t say “I’m going to spend more time with my family”. Instead say: “Every Tuesday I’ll finish at 5.30” or even (as my wife just did): “Once a month we’re going to try a new restaurant” (I’m a creature of habit). With numbers you can gauge success – it’s not so easy without them.

Hope all your 2015 goals come to fruition!


Pete Haydon

Time is running out for registrations for SRC 2015 (21–23 February). With only a couple of weeks to go before Australia’s largest conference for optometrists, Optometry Victoria staff are putting the final touches on what is shaping up to be a dynamic and interesting program.

Amid an increasingly crowded and competitive CPD landscape, SRC remains a rock solid investment, with all the points optometrists need, genuine clinical relevance, access to a diverse trade expo, and an opportunity to network with peers from across the country and beyond.

If any optometrists out there are wondering what to do for their CPD in 2015 and are considering SRC, please come along. If it’s been a couple of years since you attended, you might think about returning.

Packages ranging from a single day to the full event are available at www.optometry.org.au.VIC. As they say in the classics, time’s running out – register now!

Laura Grattidge Retires
If you’ll permit me a small indulgence, I’d like to pass on a piece of internal news. Many members will know that in late November I accepted the resignation of Laura Grattidge, Optometry Victoria’s long-standing operations manager. Laura’s time with us, across a range of roles, spanned in excess of 20 years. Her decision to retire from the workforce was effective from just prior to Christmas.

Many people have paid tribute to Laura in their own way, but I’d like to also acknowledge her contribution as a diligent professional for the Association over so many years. Unquestionably many members loved her, as did the staff here in the office. Although my time with Laura was short, I’d also acknowledge the support she gave me during my transition into this role.

Laura will be missed and I speak on behalf of the Optometry Victoria Board when I wish her health and happiness in retirement.


Cathryn Baker

Many moons ago, when I was involved in yacht racing, one of my key decisions to sail with one crew over another was how they responded when the going got tough… or more to the point, how I could rely on their actions when ‘the proverbial hit the fan’. This is a key difference between an OK crew and an exceptional crew.

I am pleased to say that I feel I have surrounded myself with an exceptional crew at Optometry Australia who shine best when it really counts for our members.

One of those occasions when our support really counts is upon receipt of a letter from the Queensland Health Ombudsman. It’s a daunting prospect, even when you know you have covered off all the bases and done everything right.

Over the past few months, I have been privileged to work with a couple of our Queensland members who have been in this situation. Even though they knew they had done everything correctly, that didn’t diminish their angst when they first opened the envelope. Fortunately, Optometry Australia was able to assist.

Optometry Australia, from the state to the national level, has the highest level commitment and mechanisms in place to guide members through these difficult situations. Our professional advice and understanding of the profession has helped many members move forward, knowing the issues they face are being handled by the best possible team.

Of course for us, as your Association, there is little that drives us on more than to hear a member say our support has provided them with reassurance and a clear path to resolution. Our Members are our highest priority.

AVC 2015
Interested in attending a conference with an exceptional program full of clinical relevance, an interactive exhibition hall and entertaining social gatherings? Look no further than Australian Vision Convention (AVC), from 10–12 April 2015 on the Gold Coast.

AVC’s clinical program for 2015 will be the best yet. Highlights include Professor Brien Holden, Dr. Peter Herse, Associate Professor Graham Lee and Richard Lindsay, among others. See the full program for AVC 2015 at www.etouches.com/avc2015


Tony Martella

Welcome back to the start of another exciting, event filled year. It’s going to be busy…

Already we’ve hit the ground running with our first CPD event about to take place in just a few days. On 9 February Professor Fred Chen from Lions Eye Institute, will present to members with the first of the year’s education topics. This event is sponsored by Novartis. Thereafter we have a calendar packed with other highly respected speakers on a variety of topics ready to share their knowledge on eye health, diagnosis, treatment and new technologies.

On a more general note, Optometry Australia organisation offers a variety of CPD opportunities across the calendar year – I urge all members to take advantage of these opportunities and in doing so, to support their local organisation’s efforts.

If you haven’t already, I urge you to check your Optometry Western Australia 2015 Wall Planner and take note of these events – all the details are there – including dates for WAVE 2015 (8–9 August). The program for WAVE is now set and we’ll be releasing details next month.

Welcome Evening
Members of Optometry Western Australia, old and new, are invited to get together on Wednesday 4 March for our annual welcome event. This is an excellent chance for optometrists who have recently arrived in WA to meet each other, existing members and the Board. The evening commences at 6pm at the Floreat Hotel in Floreat. I look forward to seeing you there.

New Billing System
Already we’re over a month into the new Medicare billing and it’s great to see so many members finally able to charge patients for the true value of their services. I commend you for committing to this new system as I know the process of introducing a new billing system to patients can be a challenge. Remember that the Optometry Australia website has extensive information in the ‘Members Only’ section for those who still need help or have questions to be answered.

Of course we’re here at your local office as well to provide one on one support – just call us.

Finally, I’d like to take the opportunity to wish all of our members a Happy Chinese New Year for 19 February.


Geoff Squibb

The Chairman of the Tasmanian Optometry Foundation, Chris Dobson of Burnie, recently announced that the Foundation would not award any individual scholarships for 2015. Mr. Dobson said the Foundation would instead sponsor a workshop open to all Tasmanian optometrists. The workshop will be held in Launceston on a Saturday or Sunday in June 2015.

Optometry Tasmania is currently organising the workshop and Tasmanian optometrists have been consulted in the selection of workshop topics. Details of the workshop and the registration form are available on the Optometry Tasmania website. Meanwhile applications for the 2015 awards are now open. Details and application forms are also available on the website. The closing date for the 2015 awards is 30 June.

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