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Monday / June 24.
HomemiproductsTransitions Signature VII: Crisp, Clear, Responsive Photochromics

Transitions Signature VII: Crisp, Clear, Responsive Photochromics

Transitions Signature VII lenses protect wearers from glare and eye fatigue, while enhancing what people see with greater definition, better contrast perception and more vibrant colours of the world around us. According to Transitions, Signature VII lenses offer wearers superior vision by being more responsive to direct and indirect UV light than other adaptive lenses before.

Transitions reported that during live testing, wearers rated their experience with old and new technologies in a blind test to understand and compare the products’ performance in real life. Eight out of 10 clear lens wearers rated Transitions Signature VII lenses as better than their regular clear lenses saying they provided more comfortable vision in a variety of lighting conditions experienced day-to-day.

Ninety-six per cent of clear lens wearers who trialled the product said they were completely satisfied with the level of indoor clarity.

Lens Properties

  • Highly responsive lenses developed from thousands of measurements taken in hundreds of lighting conditions around the world• Unlike traditional photochromic lenses, the performance of Transitions Signature VII lenses is not significantly hindered
  • by hot temperatures. Because they are more reactive to UV light, they become darker in more conditions while blocking 100 per cent of UV rays.
  • Transitions Signature VII lenses fade back 20 per cent faster than Transitions VI lenses.
  • Clear photochromic lenses for everyday use.

Transitions Signature VII lenses are suitable for everyday wear at any age, including children. The optimal balance of indoor clarity and outdoor darkness make them an ideal choice for many lifestyles and age groups.

Improved responsiveness means Transitions Signature VII lenses provide protection and enhanced vision through changing lighting conditions, so they’ll appeal to anyone who spends their day moving between indoor and outdoor lighting conditions.

Transitions Signature VII can be experienced through Transitions Viewer at www.transitions.com/en-au/virtual-viewer