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Sunday / June 23.
HomeminewsBHVI and Essilor Unite with Malawi Govt on Vision

BHVI and Essilor Unite with Malawi Govt on Vision

The Brien Holden Vision Institute and Essilor have joined forces with the Malawi Ministry of Health to improve access to affordable eye care in Malawi, via ‘A Sustainable Vision Care Model Project’. This is the first time a public-private-partnership has been created at a national level on the African continent to create a sustainable vision care model.

Inaugurated at the launch of its first Vision Center in Lilongwe, A Sustainable Vision Care Model Project aims to transform the state of eye health in Malawi by strengthening the delivery of eye care services across the country. The Brien Holden Vision Institute and Essilor are supporting this comprehensive project to develop existing government eye health infrastructure and provide accessible, affordable and quality eye care to rural Malawians by establishing over 50 vision centres within public hospitals by 2019.

“Ninety per cent of the Malawian population live in rural areas, with 55 per cent estimated to be living below the poverty line,” said Professor Kovin Naidoo, the Deputy CEO of the Brien Holden Vision Institute. “This means that private eye care is out of reach for the majority of the population.”

According to a statement issued by the Brien Holden Vision Institute, a significant proportion of people in Malawi are affected by visually disabling refractive errors, yet there are only 13 optometrists available in the public sector to serve a population of nearly 17 million people, restricting eye care service to surgical and emergency management of eye diseases.

“Early detection and the appropriate visual correction would increase the quality of life for millions of Malawians, but refractive services are not accessible in most rural areas due to a lack of systems, eye care personnel and affordable spectacles,” said Professor Nadoo.

“Private and public partnerships are vital if we are to change the game. Without partners, such as that with Essilor, sustainable eye care in Malawi would be but a dream. We hope that the model we have developed together will be replicated in other countries with similar eye health barriers.”

The Vision Centres will be integrated into existing government health facilities to ensure their sustainability and will be directly managed by the Malawi Ministry of Health who will employ the required optometrists and optometry technicians.

In addition to supporting the establishment of Vision Centres by providing the start-up equipment required for comprehensive refractive error services, the project will contribute to the development of qualified and skilled personnel to deliver high-quality eye care community outreach programs that will also focus on providing health promotion activities and materials to schools, communities, clinics, hospitals and other high volume areas to educate the public on the importance of eye health and regular eye examinations.