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Friday / March 1.
HomemioptometryEducation, Thrills and Entertainment

Education, Thrills and Entertainment

A strong line-up of speakers, among them Professor Brien Holden, will present at Australian Vision Conference in Queensland from 10–12 April.


Cathryn Baker

Optometrists from Australia and New Zealand are soon to converge upon Queensland’s Gold Coast for the annual Australian Vision Convention. With AVC’s clinical program, from 10–12 April being its best yet, this comes as no surprise.

Topic highlights of this much anticipated program include ocular oncology with renowned ophthalmologist Dr. Sunil Warrier. Delegates will be given tools to accurately assess patients with suspicious conjunctival, choroidal and retinal lesions. Dr. Warrier will outline the current treatment options available for these lesions, giving delegates an overall update on ocular oncology.

Apart from the fantastic program, back by popular demand, all delegates are invited to experience a night of thrills and entertainment at the Gold Coast’s premier theme park Dreamworld

Melbourne paediatric optometrist Nelofar Deen will give delegates an understanding of common ‘red flags’ in the paediatric population. This will include differential diagnosis for common eye conditions and further insight into the optometric tests used to rule out these ‘red flags’.

Professor Brien Holden OAM will joining delegate on Saturday 11 April to deliver a one hour presentation on the challenges of myopia. This lecture is one not to miss and will describe the variations in the normal pattern of peripheral refractive errors and the relative role of peripheral vision in refractive development. He will outline strategies optometrists can utilise in the management of their patients with myopia, identifying the behavioural and lifestyle changes that can be incorporated alongside optical and therapeutic care.

Delegates will also find optometrist Richard Lindsay on AVCs 2015 program. Richard will give attendees a better understanding as to how silicone hydrogel contact lenses can be best utilised in practice. They will also leave this lecture being able to describe how silicone hydrogel lenses can assist in the contact lens management of a wide variety of ocular conditions including high refractive error, astigmatism, keratoconus and post-surgical corneae.

To round out the program Dr. Peter Herse will use case studies to educate on the
real world application of the OCT and SLO in clinical practice. He will give delegates an understanding of the differences between red, green and autofluorescence SLO imaging.

Apart from the fantastic program, back by popular demand, all delegates are invited to experience a night of thrills and entertainment at the Gold Coast’s premier theme park Dreamworld. It will be a night of fun with rides and entertainment to suit all ages, alongside a delicious buffet dinner, drinks and dancing.

The well-known AVC exhibition hall has received an overhaul and will incorporate daylight into the mix in 2015, allowing the Gold Coast in. An information technology and photographic hub will also be included.

AVC will be the event of the year! Last minute registrations can be arranged at www.etouches.com/avc2015 or by phoning 07 3839 4411.


Andrew McKinnon

Wondering what to do on a late-Autumn Sunday? Why not get together at a place which is central, warm and inviting, with good food, entertainment and even a little personal enrichment thrown in? “Fantastic,” you say, “but where?” Super Sunday, of course! Literally a few minutes from the Sydney CBD, with easy parking, comfortable seating, food whenever the mood takes you and the most entertaining optometry authorities you’ll find anywhere.

But are “optometry” and “entertaining” ever synonymous? They are at Super Sunday – Simon Chen and the retina; Lauren Ayton and bionic eyes; Mark Roth and anti-biotics; Joanne Wood and driving – be still my beating heart!

Spend Saturday afternoon with us as well – Accommodation and Binocular Vision Workshop at UNSW and Interpreting OCT Workshop at CFEH. Register online at payments.oaansw.com.au/supersunday or call OA NSW on (AUS) 02 9712 2199.

Optometry Report Changes

We have been publishing the Optometry Australia Report in mivision for nearly ten years. In order to keep it fresh and relevant we are making some adjustments that we think you’ll appreciate.
As of this issue, we will run one major report (which will be longer than the reports appeared previously) from an individual state as well as a smaller item for another state or from the national office.

In order to provide each OA State Division with fair and equal coverage throughout the year we have scheduled the issues leading up to the major state conferences as the issue to include their major report. In other months the OA report will present other relevant member issues.