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Sunday / July 14.
HomeminewsEyecare Plus High Performance Summit, Singapore

Eyecare Plus High Performance Summit, Singapore

Owners and staff from 12 high performing Eyecare Plus practices attended a summit at Essilor’s International Vision Academy in Singapore.

The International Vision Academy (TIVA) is a dedicated training facility designed to maximise learning with fully equipped dispensing and exam rooms, as well as break out rooms and a high tech lecture theatre.

Practice owners and staff from Eyecare Plus were selected for the summit based on four areas of measurement: practice efficiency, practice growth, patient satisfaction and practice accreditation.

Facilitated by Damian Morgan, the primary mission of the summit was to generate a list of “high performance tactics and strategies” to share with all members, especially at the forthcoming Eyecare Plus Symposium Series.

a meeting of minds from a cross section of optometry professionals, strategic suppliers and external subject matter experts…

“The summit reminded us all how informative, inspiring and rewarding it can be to workshop with like-minded colleagues in such an open, safe and non-competitive environment, and this model will be replicated at the symposiums,” said Mr. Morgan. “With practice territory protection, one of the main advantages of the Eyecare Plus model is being able to talk openly to colleagues about best practice and to share success stories.”

He said the summit was “a meeting of minds from a cross section of optometry professionals, strategic suppliers and external subject matter experts”.

A social dinner for delegates and partners at the end of productive days provided the chance to relax and reflect on learnings. “The vibe was excellent, with optometrists and dispensers sharing what they learned from the day and also sharing their travel plans around the summit,” said Mr. Morgan.

Speaking of the summit, Sue Nam from Chullora said, “The inaugural high performance summit was an opportunity to meet other Eyecare Plus practices with enviable business acumen. It was certainly a privilege to be invited and to see the new Essilor Singapore training facilities.”

“Although we did not have time to utilise all these areas while in Singapore, Essilor gave us a thorough tour of the facility and we were certainly impressed. We hope that Eyecare Plus members are invited to use this world-class facility in the future,” concluded Mr. Morgan.