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Saturday / June 15.
HomemiproductsOptrex ActiMist

Optrex ActiMist

Approximately 80 per cent of dry eyes are due to damage to the lipid layer of the eyes’ tear film,1 often caused by environmental factors such as weather, computer use, allergies and air conditioning. Optrex ActiMist is a liposomal spray that is clinically proven to help to repair the lipid layer of the tear film and seal the moisture into the eye.1

Optrex ActiMist is a quick and easy way of treating dry, uncomfortable and irritated eyes. The product is simply
spray on closed eyes for instant, long lasting relief and can be applied without having to remove contact lenses. It also won’t smudge eye make-up.

Contact: (AUS) 02 9371 8884 to place orders for Optrex ActiMist product, collateral and/or samples or use the self-service online portal at www.eyelogic.com.au or see us at ICCLC.

1. Pult H et al. Contact Lens Anterior Eye 2012;35(35): 203-20