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Monday / May 20.
HomemifashionFrame Fashion for the 21st Century Adult

Frame Fashion for the 21st Century Adult

Adults in the 21st Century are educated, affluent and ever-growing in buying power. They are in touch with the fashion trends and interested in new technology. They look for value but they’re prepared to pay for quality. How can you best meet their needs?

There was a time when the average member of the mature-aged market felt satiated. They’d brought up their kids, built a career and established a home filled with all the possessions they needed. Heading towards retirement, they were focussed on working out their days until retirement and contributing to a nest egg that would secure a quiet and comfortable future.

Not so any more.

Your typical 21st Century adult might be heading towards retirement, but instead of seeing the years ahead as time to wind down, they’re most likely gearing up for the excitement. With more disposable income than other consumer groups and the world at their fingertips, there are new countries to explore and new hobbies to pursue – from theatre and film right through to hang-gliding and white water rafting.

…lifestyle props that attract and engage your local market will quickly, visually tell passers-by that you understand what they’re about

The 21st Century adult wants to look good while they’re out there exploring new horizons… in fact, they want to look great. And, Niloca eyewear designer Colin Redmond says, the really exciting thing is they’re mature enough to feel comfortable and confident about expressing their individuality.

“For me there is no joy in designing generic homogenous frames that will suit everyone, everywhere, every time. The result on the face is acceptable but not exceptional, functional but not flattering,” said Mr. Redmond.

“However designing for a particular trait carries with it an element of danger. Will the new shape, material combination or colour be a success? Will the establishment snub their noses? Do I care? Will they dare to flair?

“Designing unique eyewear is an addiction for me. It’s an addiction playing the game of calculated chance that is designing for a confident person. Who just happens to be, in most cases, mature in age and
design appreciation.”

Check your PMS

Check your Practice Management System and you’ll quickly see the age groups your patients fall into. If you’ve encouraged your staff to discuss lifestyle with those patients and take notes, you’ll also get a picture of the activities they pursue for work and leisure. Dig a little deeper, look at the buying history – the brands, the styles, the price brackets. Analyse this incredibly valuable information your practice has sitting right there within and you’ll soon see the opportunities that exist to better meet your adult customers’ needs while building on your profitability.

A high proportion of your adult customer base enjoys live theatre? Consider stocking a collection of boutique spectacle brands;

Watersports is high up there on the list? Polarised wrap sports eyewear should be well stocked.

The majority are high-level office professionals? Create a display of sophisticated eyewear that exudes leadership and success – whether it be a twist to the frame shape, a shard of colour or a clever combination of materials.

The Greater Demographic

Look around your area, read the local paper, attend community meetings and you’ll quickly be able to size up other customer groups that you’re not currently tapping into. Yes, the majority of business will come from those loyal people who’ve been before but there is always room to widen the net, especially if you do it slowly and carefully, while monitoring and measuring the results. If you’re operating in an upmarket, creative inner city suburb, chances are you should be stocking the independent boutique brands. If the opposite is the case, fill the windows with more mainstream specs to bring your customers in and make them feel at ease with your offering.

Displays of accessories, or other lifestyle props that attract and engage your local market will quickly, visually tell passers-by that you understand what they’re about and you have the stock to satisfy their needs.

The Need to Know

Adults in the 21st Century have a need to know. They have the time and interest to research a brand, to hear about the creative talent behind it and to find out about a new technology. In essence, the story behind the product will often add weight to the buying decision. Perhaps the frame you’re promoting has been developed in collaboration with an actress, model or musician… a percentage of the proceeds from each sale may be donated to children in need… perhaps the collection has been designed by an up and coming Australian creative who has travelled the world personally sourcing the materials and building intimate relationships with the manufacturers… or it’s a collection that is 100 per cent designed and made locally.

These are all great stories that add personality to the brand and give your customers something to talk about with friends and family… that give them a reason to buy.