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Wednesday / June 19.
Homemieditorialmivision Issue 107, Nov 2015

mivision Issue 107, Nov 2015

Diabetes has been described as a tsunami that our health system must be prepared to tackle. Currently,
it is estimated that at least 1.5 million Australians have diabetes, with Type 2 diabetes accounting for 85–90 per cent of all cases. It is projected to become the number one burden of disease in Australia in
the next five years.

With this in mind, this month we delve into the rise of diabetes and diabetic eye disease, talking to the experts about prevalence, awareness and how best to manage patients. It is an area that eye health professionals increasingly need to concern themselves and their patients about, because as Macular Disease Foundation Australia CEO Julie Heraghty says, “Many Australians with diabetes don’t recognise they are at risk of blindness or the importance of maintaining regular eye tests when their risk actually increases over time – even if they are managing their diabetes well”. A sobering thought.

It’s that time of the year when optometrists who are scrambling to achieve their CPD points turn to mivision and with a sigh of relief, complete all the activities necessary to meet their registration requirements. You’ll love our education articles this month.

Dr. Nicole Carnt writes on ocular gene therapy and explains that those adenoviruses most of us are so busy trying to eliminate with alcohol wipes may just be the therapies of the future. Dr. Jim Kokkinakis adds to the already weighty discussion on dry eye management, putting forward his thoughts on how eye care practitioners can approach dry eye disease in what appears to be a highly specialised area. Don’t forget you can access the rest of the mivision education articles at our online learning centre: mivisionclean2.flywheelsites.com/cpdlogin

Our ophthalmology section has been written by Dr. Clare Fraser and Dr. Sara Booth-Mason this issue and focuses on the highly specialised area of treating idiopathic intracranial hypertension. They write about how symptoms and risks must be weighed up before determining the optimum treatment strategy.

In business, consultant Rachael Pickworth gives her insight into setting quality goals for personal growth – just the topic to take into consideration as we enter the latter part of the year. Michael Jacobs writes on how the culture you develop in your practice should be based around the characteristics of your desired customer.

As we head into summer, we focus our attention on sports eyewear this issue. Sydney optometrist Jim Papas puts forward his expertise on lens technology and we present some of the hottest frames to keep your customers safe and performing at their peak in competition.

Optometrist and regular mivision contributor, Alan Saks, was our representative on the ground at Silmo
in Paris during September. With his eye for detail, mind for business and interest in new technologies, Alan reports on the latest and greatest frames that can give you the edge.

In our Last Word this month we look at the importance of working together as part of a team for the good of the patient, not so much ‘just do it’ but rather ‘let’s do it’.