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Tuesday / June 25.
HomemifashionThe Colour and Style of Paul Hueman Eyewear

The Colour and Style of Paul Hueman Eyewear

Paul Hueman eyewear is all about colour and style. It’s designed for the fashion savvy –those who move with the trends and are keen to be seen wearing the very latest frames on the market.

With new optical and sunglass collections released every month, Paul Hueman is a fast-moving Korean brand that always has something new and exciting to showcase.

Created in Korea by Bando Optical in 2009, Paul Hueman was launched in Australia by Bonastar in 2013, having developed a strong reputation for its quality and variety among shoppers at department stores, malls and duty free shops.

According to Bonastar, Paul Hueman’s most loyal customers in Australia are men and women aged 20–40 years, who actively seek to follow current season fashion. They’re people who emulate the looks put forward by celebrities in magazines, television and movies. Those who want to look great and enjoy good quality eyewear without blowing the budget.

the creatives behind Paul Heuman are a talented team comprised of both designers and sales professionals, including Bonastar’s own people

Consumer Focussed Design

With a mass-market eyewear brand, it stands to reason that the creatives behind Paul Hueman are a talented team comprised of both designers and sales professionals, including Bonastar’s own people who actively contribute to the design process.

When it comes to designing optical frames, the emphasis is on creating frames that are wearable and fashionably conservative. However, when it comes to designing sunglasses, the designers are free to be more creative, working with interesting shapes and colour combinations.

Inspiration is sought from all sources, including other brands, celebrities and fashion trends projected to consumers via the internet and catwalks. Recent international trends, including coloured mirror coated lenses, for instance, have been picked up by Paul Hueman’s creative team and colour matched with acetates and metals to create fresh high fashion looks.

Among the acetate and metal frames, there is a predominance of acetate with vintage images printed on the inside of the frame creating a point of difference.

In Pursuit of Quality

The majority of the imported Paul Hueman collection is made in Korea with the remainder produced in China. Sunglass lenses are supplied by Polycore and KR. Much of the acetate production process is completed by hand, with materials cut and then shaped by a 5-axies CNC machine before the nose pad is attached. Frames are machine polished four times and polished by hand twice before the front and temples are assembled using semi-automated hinge inserting and temple making equipment. Finally, the frames are tuned and adjusted before being shipped.

Going Forward

Going forward, the Paul Hueman team will place increasing emphasis on manufacturing techniques in an effort to develop frames that are even lighter and more comfortable for the wearer. In terms of style, the brand’s creatives expect its customers to become increasingly demanding when it comes to seeking out sunglasses in unique styles and featuring brighter colour combinations. Mirror coated lenses, in various colours, will remain on trend in the short to medium term. Additionally, they say, there will be increasing demand for frames crafted from combinations of both acetate and metal.

Contact: Bonastar (AUS) 1300 763 988 or 02 9310 1688 or visit: bonastar.com.au