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Friday / June 21.


The New Welch Allyn RETeval-DR identifies patients with vision-threatening diabetic retinopathy (VTDR) using a combination of electroretinography and pupillography. RETeval-DR generates a single numerical output that is compared to a cutoff value to minimise subjective functional evaluation for vision threatening diabetic retinopathy.

The light-weight hand-held RETeval-DR device simultaneously measures the flicker electroretinogram (ERG) and pupillary response to light. It is non-invasive requiring no dilation and no anaesthetic. Complete testing for both eyes takes under three minutes. No advanced training is required to perform this test and interpret the results.

The flicker ERG waveform is characterised by time delay between light stimuli and the peak electrical response (implicit time) and peak-to-peak amplitude. Diabetic retinopathy progression leads to increasing retinal ischaemia which prolongs implicit time and decreases amplitude. Changes in these ERG parameters correlate strongly with severity of diabetic retinopathy.

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