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Friday / July 19.
HomeminewsDry Eye Program Launched at CCLSA Meeting

Dry Eye Program Launched at CCLSA Meeting

Abbott Vision has introduced a program the company hopes will help optometrists and their patients with dry eye.

Based on the insights from the Dry Eye Workshop study (DEWS), Abbott Vision’s ‘Dry Eye Journey’ program gives optometrists an effective tool to engage, educate and manage their dry eye patients.

The program was launched at the Corneal & Contact Lens Society (CCLSA) NSW meeting in Sydney’s Cockle Bay on Monday 19 September.

Sponsored by Abbott, meeting attendees also heard from Dr. Rob Gerowitz – a senior member of the Orthokeratology Academy of America and leader in OrthoK therapy – who spoke on ‘how to make the most of OrthoK in practice’. University of New South Wales’ Professor Fiona Stapleton spoke on ‘Advances in Dry Eye – beyond DEWS’.

In line with the DEWS1 screening recommendations, Abbott’s Dry Eye Journey program includes a symptom questionnaire eye care professionals can use in the initial phase of patient assessment.

It also includes a simple dry eye starter kit and reference guide for patients to help them understand their condition. The program also draws on DEWS outcomes to advise on the importance of good nutrition, making informed choices with regard to eye drops and lubricants, alternative relief tips, and exercises.

Through the dry eye Journey program, Abbott hopes to make it easier for eye care professionals to facilitate conversations about dry eye with various patient groups including women during menopause, post-surgery patient’s (i.e. LASIK), and general dry eye sufferers.