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Tuesday / June 25.
HomemiophthalmologyOptos California Ultra-widefield Retinal Imaging

Optos California Ultra-widefield Retinal Imaging

The Optos California device is designed for general ophthalmologists and vitreoretinal specialists.

It is the first retinal imaging device to offer ultra-widefield indocyanine green (icg) angiography, in addition to colour, autofluorescence (af) and fluorescein angiography (fa). The California is one of the most comprehensive ultra-widefield retinal imaging devices on the market. With views of up to 82 per cent or 200 degrees of the retina, eyecare professionals can see 50 per cent more of the retina compared to other imaging devices.

Optos now has three different variants of the product, which differ in relation to the modalities available, to cater for all requirements.

Contact: Optos (AUS) 08 8444 6500