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Monday / April 15.
HomeminewsGeorge & Matilda Eyecare Expands

George & Matilda Eyecare Expands

The George & Matilda Eyecare network is moving from strength to strength with leading independent optometry groups Eyelines (Tasmania) and theeyecarecompany (Sydney) joining the national network which was established in May this year.

Eyelines, which was established in 1993, will bring all of its thirteen practices to the network. According to the announcement, the Tasmanian group has 30,000 patients.

Optometrist and senior board member of Eyelines Derek Fails said, “As part of the George & Matilda network we will be able to build the future of optometry in Tasmania, providing the very best in technology and training, while always putting the patient’s needs first.”

Margaret Lam, co-founder of theeyecarecompany with Griffin Ngo, said joining the network would enable their business to continue to grow. Established in 2005, their group comprises four practices, and has its flagship practice on George Street, Sydney.

This aligns with the way we practice optometry to deliver exceptional care to our patients

Speaking of the George & Matilda Eyecare network, Ms. Lam said it represented the best personalised care possible for patients. “This aligns with the way we practice optometry to deliver exceptional care to our patients. Being part of a bigger optometry group that is patient – and optometry-focused in this manner is the ideal formula to allow our company to continue to grow from strength to strength.”

George & Matilda Eyecare CEO, Chris Beer, said decisions by theeyecarecompany and Eyelines to join George & Matilda Eyecare was testament to the attraction the network held for well-regarded and proven independent optometrists.

“Both theeyecarecompany and Eyelines are strong independent optometry groups with a proven record for service and quality, and loyal patient bases. The groups’ founders understand the benefits of the George & Matilda Eyecare’s proposition to their staff and patients and we’re delighted to welcome them into the network,” said Mr. Beer.