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Saturday / April 20.
HomeminewsJ&JVC Launches 30 Day Contacts

J&JVC Launches 30 Day Contacts

Johnson & Johnson Vision Care has launched Acuvue Vita Brand, a 30-day daily wear contact lens with new HydraMax Technology to meet “critical” needs of monthly contact lens wearers.

According to J&JVC, recent surveys of monthly contact lens wearers identified more than two-thirds of respondents experienced comfort related issues with their lenses at some time during the month. Eighty-four per cent used compensating behaviours such as re-wetting drops or taking breaks from wearing their lenses. Of those experiencing comfort related issues, 73 per cent reported they did not plan to tell their doctor about their lens wearing experience because most considered their comfort issues ‘normal’. Some raised concerns that if they did so, their doctors would advise contact lens removal.

“While we continue to believe a shorter wearing cycle is better in contact lenses, these survey results shine a light on the critical unmet need in the monthly category,” said Zohra Fadli, Ph.D., Global Platform Lead Reusable Sphere, J&JVC. “These patient insights helped us recognise the challenges that monthly wearers face and drove our commitment to provide them with a meaningful solution. We know that a change in lens hydration may contribute to a decline in monthly lens comfort, so we focused our efforts on designing a lens that helps maximise and maintain lens hydration.”

According to J&JVC, the evaporation rate of Acuvue Vita is 33 per cent lower than other leading monthly brands.