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Wednesday / April 17.
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Let’s Get Professional

Help your patients fire up for the new year of business with a new pair of specs that will make them look and feel better from both sides of the lens.

Let’s face it. We all feel a little dreary coming back to work after the Christmas break. Getting fired up for another 12 months of hard labour takes resolve.

Coming up with a new look can help re-energise and rekindle the enthusiasm… make this your time to help your patients get back to business.

There are plenty of new looks around this year that offer great style while also recognising the value of comfort for those who need to wear their spectacles right across the day. New materials, like Jono Hennessy’s hard density cellulose acetate, provide the resilience needed for everyday wear while also being so light that they’re barely noticeable on the face.

Technology is also an imperative, especially for professionals working in IT, construction, property, finance, law… the list goes on

Bold colours and the familiar tortoiseshell frames are still popular, however elegant rimless frames appear to be making a comeback – check out Rodenstock’s new T-lite frame and Flair, a new collection introduced to the market by Mym eyewear. Subtle, stylish and sensational.

Technology is also an imperative, especially for professionals working in IT, construction, property, finance, law… the list goes on. We’re well familiar with ic! berlin’s elegant screwless hinge system that allows the frame to be snapped back into place should it be accidentally pulled apart. New to the market is Von Arkel, a Swiss frame imported by Mym Group, which boasts its own state of the art screwless hinge design. Mym Group will launch this new collection at Silmo Sydney in March.

Refresh Your Practice for the New Year

Of course it’s not just your patients who deserve a new look for the New Year. How about your practice? This is the perfect time to move things around, add some colour and renew the appeal of your premises. It’s quite likely that you don’t need to invest thousands of dollars in this process, just a little creativity.

Take the time to approach your practice with a fresh eye, or ask a valued colleague and /or customer to do it for you, then analyse the impressions. Does your street frontage catch attention – the right attention? Does it reflect your target market? Is there something you can change to appeal to patients heading back to work, something that will draw your old patients back and attract new people through your doors? First impressions count.

Start with the windows

Fill your windows with the latest and greatest eyewear that will grab the attention of professionals in your area as they jump off the bus, or pour out of the station and make their way to work. Maximise interest by creating a backdrop with business magazines, a laptop, or even a quill and ink pot to create a point of difference.

Make Them Feel Welcome

February is hot, damned hot. Consider offering those patients who drop by during their lunchtime or after work a refreshing cup of chilled fruit tea to sip on while they try on a new frame. Even if they don’t drink it, the sweet aroma can we welcoming and anyway, your staff will love you for it.


Don’t forget to take the opportunity to talk to your customers about the need for sunglasses as well as spectacles. After all, it’s just as important to look professional when they’re on the road or taking clients to lunch as it is to look amazing in the office. Plus of course, they’ll be looking after their eyes and maximising their comfort while out there in the blazing sun!

Eyewear for Professionals

Mars Fashion Air

Light and beautifully styled with classic colours and shapes, there’s a frame for every business professional within the Mars Fashion Air 2017 collection.

Model MFA130 (pictured) features a light stainless steel front and ultem temples.

Contact: Bonastar (AUS) 02 9310 1688

European Eyewear

New from Jos.Eschenbach, model 983508 combines titanium and high quality acetate to provide a lightweight, extremely comfortable frame for the professional.

The frame is beautifully crafted with flowing lines from front to temple that ensure it looks great from any angle. Available colours are demi with dark navy temples, matt black with dark gun temples or marbled light brown with rose gold temples.

Contact: European Eyewear (AUS) 1800 818 221


ic! berlin designs and produces screwless glasses and sunglasses in its own production house in Berlin. The full range includes glasses, sunglasses and reading glasses for kids, women and men.

Every ic! berlin frame features a one-of-a-kind patented screwless hinge system, which combined with materials such as sprung stainless steel, makes ic! berlin eyewear virtually indestructible.

Contact: Eyemakers (AUS) 02 9960 7766


Flair eyewear focuses on the essentials, paring away all superfluous elements to deliver elegant eyewear that makes a strong statement about the wearer’s style. The screwless, rimless Flair frame 664 for women (pictured) features a large, soft lens shape. Flair will be showcased at Silmo Sydney in March.

Contact: Mym Group (AUS) 07 5528 3656

Von Arkel

Von Arkel frames combine exclusive and elegant style with unrivalled technicality drawn directly from Swiss watchmaking talent. As well as being pure and timeless in design, Von Arkel frames push the boundaries of technology with a state of the art hinge design. Von Arkel will be launched in Sydney at Silmo in March.

Contact: Mym Group (AUS) 07 5528 3656

Rodenstock T-Lite collection

Rodenstock’s T-Lite frame is one of the lightest eyewear concepts in the world and offers the ideal lens position for perfect vision thanks to the high quality beta-titanium and filigree design. The T-Lite glazing-system developed by Rodenstock guarantees a rimless looking fixture without any restrictions to the field of vision.

Apart from the bridge and temple, all elements of the rim seem to ‘disappear’ in the lens, giving the impression of ‘floating’ spectacles. Integrated predefined flex-zones within the temples enhance their flexibility and guarantee a perfect wearing comfort for your patients.

Contact: Rodenstock Account Manager

Jono Hennessy

This new model (8403) from Jono Hennessy is both stylish and fashionable. Crafted from super light-weight hard density cellulose acetate, with fine metal temples and bridge, it is perfect for wearing all day.

Contact: Jono Hennessy (AUS) 02 9362 4941

Calvin Klein Collection

Calvin Klein Collection is the halo for all Calvin Klein products. Offering a minimalist design aesthetic with rich colours and artful detailing, classic eyewear styles are reinvented with luxuriously layered zyl and metal end pieces. Purposefully exposed screws and metal pin accents on the frame front finish this elegant look.

The CK8025 (pictured) sports a modified rectangle design in a stunning metal/zyl finish. Its available in four colours 001 black, 029 graphite, 223 brown and 405 navy, the 8025 is a brilliant addition to the Calvin Klein Collection.

Contact: Gen Op Account Manager


Seraphin Optical holds on to a tradition of delivering affordable luxury and quintessential vintage style, hearkening back to a time when sophistication and the power of romance drove the world of fashion.

Made in Japan with manufacturers unrivalled for their quality and expertise, Seraphin promises to impress even the most knowledgeable eyewear aficionado with its attention to detail and precise use of materials.

Pictured is Meadow, 8793.

Contact: ProOptics (AUS) 02 8007 6041


Stepper eyewear delivers on comfort and fit with lightweight, hypoallergenic eyewear manufactured using state of the art premium materials like TX5 for high strength and durability.

In addition Stepper’s in-house design team uses its extensive design experience to present discerning business professionals with fashionable optical frame styling combined with high quality performance, look and feel.

Contact: Optique Line (AUS) 03 9853 0796


Seiko is synonymous with quality, style and cutting edge technology. The Seiko titanium frame is for the patient who values strength, durability and comfort.

Contact: De Rigo Australia (AUS) 02 9428 1500