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Wednesday / June 19.
HomemiproductsVita-Pos Night Time Protection for Dry Eyes

Vita-Pos Night Time Protection for Dry Eyes

Vita-Pos (retinol palmitate 138µg/g, 5g) is a smooth, sterile and preservative-free eye ointment that stabilises the tear film and keeps all forms of dry eyes lubricated by preventing evaporation from the ocular surface during the night.

The retinol palmitate (equivalent to 250 IU/g of Vitamin A) is well tolerated by the eye, supports the physiological tear film, and assists the easy spreading of the ointment across the ocular surface. Vita-Pos is also phosphate-free, and can be used for up to six months after opening. There are more than 300 individual applications possible from each tube.

Contact: Good Optical Services (AUS) 1800 814 963 or Contact Lens Centre Australia (AUS) 1800 125 023