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Wednesday / May 22.
HomemiproductsSonomed VuPad: Innovative See and Touch Ultrasound

Sonomed VuPad: Innovative See and Touch Ultrasound

The better the image, the more accurate the diagnosis. The Sonomed Escalon VuPad’s superior B-Scan and UBM image quality with Enhanced Focus Rendering and ultra-high resolution touch screen allows you to capture crisp still images and record video that can be carefully reviewed frame-by-frame.

The compact VuPad is portable, flexible and adaptable. It is configurable for B-Scan, UBM and/or A-scan, and a choice of 12 or 20MHz B-Probes, 35 or 50MHz transducer (UBM), and soft-touch or immersion A-probes. It incorporates a solid-state hard drive with ample room on board for image storing. Dual-Band WIFI, Ethernet, USB, and Bluetooth allow connections to other devices or your network.

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