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Friday / May 24.
HomemiproductsGlaucoma Module Premium Edition

Glaucoma Module Premium Edition

Built to take advantage of the Spectralis DNA, the Glaucoma Module Premium Edition provides accurate, reproducible, anatomically accurate scans of the optic nerve head neural tissue, retinal nerve fibre layer and ganglion cell layer to allow a systematic approach to glaucoma management.

Proprietary software locates the fovea and centre of Bruchs Membrane Opening, allowing ECPs to align their scans to individual patients’ anatomy for greater accuracy against the normative database. By showing the accuracy of the segmentation on each scan, ECPs can be assured they are looking at the correct tissue. Additionally, autorescan function means ECPs can be assured of measuring the same location every time for the true change monitoring essential in glaucoma management.

Contact: Heidelberg (AUS) 03 9639 2125