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Sunday / May 19.
HomemiproductsiCare Home

iCare Home

The Icare Home tonometer is designed for glaucoma patients or suspects, who require regular IOP monitoring, to use at home.

It is understood that elevated or large diurnal fluctuations of intraocular pressure (IOP) are risk factors for glaucoma conversion and progression. These fluctuations often occur outside clinic hours, and remain undetected.

The Icare Home tonometer is based on a rebound measuring principle, requiring no drops, air or special skills. Staff can easily instruct patients on its use and have them perform the measurements at home a number of times a day for a set period of time. The device is then returned so the IOP measurements and times are downloaded for assessment.

The Icare Home offers a simple, non-invasive tool for measuring and charting IOP fluctuations, and 24-hour IOP phase-monitoring outside of the clinic.

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