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Tuesday / May 21.
HomemiproductsCobra Plus: Non-mydriatic Retinal Camera

Cobra Plus: Non-mydriatic Retinal Camera

Cobra Plus from CSO, is an ultimate non-mydriatic digital retinal camera that combines all the necessary functions for fast and accurate retinal screening.

Retinal acquisitions require pupils as small as 2.2mm diameter. Integrating an innovative imaging optical system, Cobra Plus realises digital fundus imaging in high resolution and fine gradation. Ergonomically designed, it provides clear and detailed display of the entire fundus image with a true 60 degree field of view. The system offers retinal photography with minimum flash exposure, allowing quick and efficient fundus photography, thereby minimising patient discomfort.

Cobra shares the use of the high resolution CCD camera (five megapixel) for alignment (IR illumination) and capture (White light flash). The device also has an Infrared meibographer to check the health of meibomian glands.

Contact: France Medical (AUS) 07 3393 9342