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Sunday / March 3.
HomeminewsFree In-store NuPolar Campaign Kicks Off for Summer

Free In-store NuPolar Campaign Kicks Off for Summer

Younger Optics has launched a new in-store campaign for NuPolar polarised prescription lenses that’s available free to all optometry practices.

The campaign, timed for the summer sunglass season, includes the release of new point-of-sale materials that is a dramatic departure from past campaigns and other sunglass advertising which will encourage patient intrigue and differentiate practices.

The standout campaign features the dragonfly whose sight is unrivalled in the insect world. The dragonfly has large compound eyes containing around 30,000 individual facets and up to five visual opsins. It can perceive the full colour spectrum and UV light, but more importantly light polarisation. As the global market leader in polarised prescription lenses, the campaign likens NuPolar to the dragonfly; both being rulers of their domains.

Free point-of-sale materials available to optometry practices are window displays, which include a large window poster and a window decal to add depth and interest to the practice window; counter cards for display in the practice; and high quality patient brochures. Practices can also order social media content, and digital advertising for use on practice websites, eNewsletters and digital advertising.

Growth Opportunity

“We know that only a small proportion of all lens sales are polarised. This represents a substantial growth and profit opportunity for practices because the benefits of quality polarised lenses will appeal to most patients,” said Craig Johnston, Younger Optics ANZ Sales & Marketing Manager. “Therefore, launching this new point-of-sale to support eye care professionals when recommending polarised lenses is of great importance to us. Not only will practice profitability increase, we know patients will also be satisfied with the performance and quality of NuPolar. That’s why NuPolar is the world’s most trusted polarised Rx lens.”

About NuPolar

NuPolar is suitable for most frames including large fashion frames, wraps, sports frames and rimless. It comes in a wide range of prescriptions and materials. NuPolar is available in three Gradient tints to satisfy even the most style driven patients, in addition to five solid tints.

NuPolar’s proprietary HT Film Technology offers excellent film adhesion with no risk of delamination, superb colour stability whereby colours remain true, with no risk lens colour fading over time.

To order free NuPolar point-of-sale materials visit: www.youngeroptics.com.au/order-pos