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Saturday / May 18.
HomeminewsCarla Zampatti Collaborates with Specsavers on Eyewear Collection

Carla Zampatti Collaborates with Specsavers on Eyewear Collection

Australian fashion icon Carla Zampatti has collaborated with Specsavers to launch a new collection of striking eyewear, comprising 14 optical frames and eight sun.

The collection features a mix of finely detailed acetates and metals, in black and tortoiseshell, as well as softer colours that can move from day to night.

Ms. Zampatti said her eyewear collection will appeal to consumers ranging from 15 to 75 years, as do her clothing collections. “If people can identify with a product, it doesn’t really matter what age they are… it is an attitude… I think it’s to do with understanding the aesthetic and creating product that is flattering and comfortable and a pleasure to wear.

“How a garment feels on is very important and that’s why I have so much pride (in this collection). I know each pair of glasses that Specsavers has designed in conjunction with me is comfortable and flattering.”

Specsavers approached Ms. Zampatti two years ago with the idea of collaborating. “I looked into the business and although the price range is different (from Carla Zampatti clothing), I liked their quality and their business model and so I decided to say yes. I have not regretted it for one moment. The team I have worked with is so professional… and very interested in creating something I will love and my clients will love too. I feel very comfortable that what I have done will stand up to the competition very well.”

Ms. Zampatti said she designed the frames then left it to Specsavers to finesse the collection and manage production. “I really feel, leave it to the experts – Specsavers has the team… (and) I believe in them. They have proven they are very professional, capable and can produce the quality I demand.”

Ms. Zampatti chose Australian actress Marta Dusseldorp as her brand ambassador. “She is intelligent, has a wonderful sense of humour, and is unbelievably talented…. she represents the woman of today that I believe in.”

Now, having seen her first collection come to fruition, Ms. Zampatti said she has already begun work on the next collection, to be launched in 2018.