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Tuesday / June 18.
HomemiproductsDaytona Ultra-widefield Optomap

Daytona Ultra-widefield Optomap

Early signs of many ocular pathologies may first present in the retinal periphery and initially can go undetected using traditional examination techniques. More than 400 peer reviewed studies show the long-term value of optomap imaging in diagnosis, treatment planning and patient engagement.

Optos states that Daytona Plus’ newest generation ultra-widefield (UWF) optomap technology is the only technology capable of acquiring a 200 degree single-capture retinal image. Featuring three-in-one colour depth imaging, unlike white light used in conventional products, optomap is capable of composite colour, sensory/choroid views, and autofluorescence imaging. Daytona Plus comes with the OptosAdvance browser-based image review software, which assists in patient management and improved patient flow.

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