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Thursday / May 30.
HomemifashionThinOptics: Stick Anywhere, Go Everywhere Glasses

ThinOptics: Stick Anywhere, Go Everywhere Glasses

A quality pair of readymade readers will never be ideal for all day every day, however they are a convenience your patients will thank you for when they forget their prescription specs.

Ever reached for your glasses to find you left them behind… I’ll often have my attention taken by a great headline on the front page of the paper while I’m waiting for my morning coffee. I hold the paper at an increasingly lengthy distance and try to make out the fine print, all the time wishing I’d remembered my glasses. Then there’s my husband who never remembers to take his glasses to restaurants. He looks great reading the menu in my bright green Paul Taylors.

I’m sure you know countless others like us – we’re not the only vague ones out there… which makes bullet proof, lightweight and colourful ready-readers the perfect emergency solution for pretty much every basic presbyope that walks through your door.

ThinOptics frames weigh no more than a 10 cent piece (seriously) and without temples, slip into a slim-line ‘pod’ for safe keeping. There are two types available to carry these shatterproof specs, one that can be slipped into a shirt pocket, wallet or affixed to the back of a phone (adhesive supplied free of charge) or a pair that can be attached to your key chain.

The bridge exerts a slight amount of pressure to keep the frames in place, while reading over an extended period

Go Anywhere

Though definitely not to be recommended to patients as eyewear for all day every day, this readymade reader is a great add on purchase that will provide them with the convenience of reading glasses they can always keep close to hand. After all, while it’s easy to leave home without your glasses, no-one goes anywhere these days without their wallet and phone.

ThinOptics was discovered by optometrist Ernest Tobia from Epping & Rose Bay Eyecare Centres in Sydney along with business partner and co-founder, Fatin Tobia-Macri of EyeLogic. A friend, visiting from the US, showed the glasses to Ms. Tobia-Macri and she was instantly impressed and excited. “I couldn’t wait to show them to Ernest, I loved the design and the practicality of them,” she told mivision.

Reluctance Overcome

Mr. Tobia freely admits that in the past he has been reluctant to suggest readymade readers to his patients because he didn’t want to promote a product that would be detrimental to his patients’ eye care. “On the surface, the idea of promoting a ready-made reader to our patients flies in the face of serious eye care. However in reality, we all know there are times when our patients forget to take their spectacles with them so if we can offer them the convenience of quality spectacles that will always be with them, then we are providing a valuable service.

“We spent time analysing the quality of ThinOptics lenses before deciding to stock and distribute them. We carefully considered issues like power consistency, continuity and aberrations, and we researched the market, showcasing the product at Silmo to find out what optometrists thought. Their feedback was extremely positive with eight out of 10 wanting to range ThinOptics I really think they are brilliant.”

Sturdy Fit

ThinOptics was founded by US entrepreneurs Teddy Shalon and David Chute who drew on their biomedical and Silicon Valley expertise. The frames, which simply sit on the bridge of the nose without temples to anchor them, took 30 months to develop. In the process, they say, hundreds of prototypes were tested on thousands of noses to find a stable fit.

According to Mr. Shalon, the frames are made from shatterproof thermo-injection molded optical grade polycarbonate with an ultra-flexible titanium alloy bridge. The bridge is the secret to the stable fit. Made from Nitinol which is 10 times more elastic than spring steel, it’s coupled with “independent suspension” nose pads fitted with “grip-sensitive” paper on the nose pad contact area, which prevents the pads from sliding forward or tipping off. The bridge exerts a slight amount of pressure to keep the frames in place, while reading over an extended period.

Mr. Shalon claims that ThinOptics lenses are made by one of the world’s “most advanced lens manufacturers” from an optical grade polycarbonate also found in high end prescription glasses. They are available in four strengths: low range (strength 1.00, fits + 0.75 to +1.25); low-mid range (strength +1.5, fits +1.25 to +1.75); mid-range (strength +2.00, fits +1.75 to +2.25); and high range (strength +2.5, fits +2.25 to +2.75).

ThinOptics ready-made readers are currently available in one frame shape, which is produced in six vibrant colours. Although there are a number of coloured carry pods available, the Australian market will initially have access to pod designs in black and white, in two designs – one that fits into a wallet, purse, pocket or can be affixed to an existing smartphone and a second that can be attached to a key chain.

Contact: Eyelogic (AUS) 02 9371 8884