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Tuesday / June 18.
HomeminewsNZ Independent Optometrists Embrace MyHealth1st

NZ Independent Optometrists Embrace MyHealth1st

MyHealth1st has launched in New Zealand with a series of dinners for independent optometrists hosted by CEO Klaus Bartosch and Sales Director Eddie Quinones.

Mr. Bartosch said he was thrilled with the response to the launch, with over 90 per cent of attendees across the country expressing strong interest in implementing the subscription based digital platform developed to help independents compete with corporate optometry on an equal playing field.

Optometrist Craig Robertson from Visualeyez in Whangarei on New Zealand’s north coast, spoke about the seamless integration of the MyHealth1st platform into his practice. He said his personal desire to be part of the “digital revolution” inspired his early adoption. “I found it frustrating; as a consumer I want to be part of the digital revolution, but I couldn’t do it with my own website and my practice. I was frustrated about not having access to an online booking service. MyHealth1st was established in Australia so I rang and asked them to set me up here. “As an early adopter, I am very happy… MyHealth1st set up the software remotely. I added the Myhealth1st link to the ‘book now’ widget on my practice FB page and on our website.” Within just two months of setting up the MyHealth1st platform, over 50 appointments had been made online and the no-show rate was nil, reported Mr. Robertson.

He said, “it was seamless and cost effective… this is a really simple platform… if people are on your website, and they’re reading about you and they want to book an appointment, they can – they just click. It’s easy.”

it was seamless and cost effective… this is a really simple platform


He said in the next few months MyHealth1st would roll out a fully automated recall system. “We’re working on a fully automated system. So, customers who have opted out from being communicated with electronically, will automatically receive a printed recall letter, dispatched from an electronic central mail house. We know through your systems, which patients should get letters, which patients should be sent an SMS or an invite for a recall, which patients have asked to be phoned instead and we’ll manage that process automatically,” he said.

MyHealth1st will host more information events over the coming weeks. Visit myhealth1st. co.nz/optometryevents for details.