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Monday / July 15.
HomeminewsAlcon to Launch $4m TVC

Alcon to Launch $4m TVC

Alcon has invested AU$4 million on an entertaining television commercial to raise awareness of contact lenses and promote Alcon Dailies Total1. The commercial, which uses humour to draw attention to the discomfort that some contact lens wearers experience after several hours of wear, is running nationwide until November 2018. The TVC and other static point of sale items are available for optometrists to use.

At a TVC launch event for optometrists in Sydney, marketing expert Damian Morgan spoke about the value of engaging, targeted marketing. He said consumers are increasingly immune to advertising and marketing, which makes it challenging to get people’s attention. Citing several examples of engaging advertisements, he said retailers need to be aware of evolving consumer values, lifestyles and expectations, and prepared to review their marketing and continue to change it.

Additionally, he said businesses need to view marketing as part of the cost of running a business. He said one product will never appeal to all consumers and so businesses must be brave enough to segment specific audiences, and then use strategy and science to develop messages that address their needs. “Communicate how you can solve their problem,” he said.

Mr. Morgan applauded Alcon’s new television commercial, which targets young adults and depicts the awkward moment when a middle aged man mistakenly believes a young bar attendant is flirting with him, when in fact she is blinking to overcome ocular discomfort.