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Monday / July 15.
HomemioptometryIt’s Time To Take Control of Your Future

It’s Time To Take Control of Your Future

Your Optometry Associations are working to ensure a sustainable future for the profession. To achieve positive progress you need to get involved and have your say.


Contrary to all the infamous jokes about ‘back-seat’ drivers, there is no better place to control your own destiny than from the front seat. To each of my members, I say please vote ‘yes’ for amalgamation with Optometry Victoria.

If you can’t afford to run the vehicle that you and your travel companions need to keep everyone secure on the ride ahead, and with the agility (when you put your foot down) to make the most of opportunities presented along the road, without handouts from your parents, then it’s time to swallow your pride and change. It’s time to jump in with a friend and share the petrol money and the map.

Share key values, mutual respect and goals that will ensure a healthy debate at every cross-roads

Contrary to etiquette, on a long journey together, you will always start discussing those things advised against in civilised company such as politics, religion and the elephant in the back seat. A critical strategy therefore, to staying out of the ditch, is for the driver and the navigator to share key values, mutual respect and goals that will ensure a healthy debate at every crossroads and a decision based on what will be best for everyone. I have every confidence that this will be the case for Optometry SA and Victoria.

Optometry SA has strengths, Optometry Victoria has strengths. Combined, we will be a force to be reckoned with – for good, for our members and for optometry. I’m excited by the opportunities that the amalgamation will present for my members and for Pete’s members. Change is inevitable – far better to be in control of our future, to choose our collaborative partners and to be proactive in creating a strong, unified organisation that will serve its members and our profession for decades ahead.


The sun has set after WAVE 2018. What can I say? My first WAVE was a baptism of fire, ensuring the logistics and flow were in place, speakers, delegates and trade representatives accommodated, fellowship achieved and education aplenty. Having reviewed the feedback, I am very pleased to say it looks as though O WA and WAVE have met the needs of all attendees, and to a very high standard. My observations, conversations with a wide range of attendees (up from the previous year) and analysis of the great feedback received, will enable our next WAVE to be tailored even more to your needs. Watch this space for developments.

It would be extremely remiss of me to not publicly acknowledge O WA staff, the board, delegates, speakers and exhibitor representatives for their contributions, as without each and every one of you, the success would not be achieved. Thank you all.

The O WA free evening CPD program is being well received. Dr. Chee Kang spoke on the ageing vitreous in September and this month, Dr. Chris Kennedy will address local optometrists. Our Early Career Optometrists will also convene this month and we are currently finalising arrangements for our last event for the year in November. To find out more and register to attend events, please keep an eye on the O WA website.

O WA has maintained exceptional membership take up. My focus, in conjunction with national initiatives for members, is now towards achieving a far greater recognition of optometry amongst the community and allied health professionals. Broader liaison with likeminded organisations, cross referral pathways and opportunities to maximise positive community exposure are all being worked on, along with a continued involvement in achieving our corporate social responsibilities by assisting those in the community who struggle the most to achieve positive health interventions.

We continue to monitor online trends and industry best practice to ensure that you, our members, achieve maximum benefit. I look forward to discussing the issues that are top of mind with each of you soon.