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Saturday / July 13.
Homemieditorialmivision Issue 139 October 2018

mivision Issue 139 October 2018

William Shakespeare said, “We know what we are, but know not what we may be”.1

From beginning to end, this issue will help you discover what you “may be”. From our lead story about unlocking the potential of your practice through to our four CPD approved articles, written by experts in the field and covering floaters, astigmatism, complex cataract cases, and glaucoma, there is plenty to build your knowledge, skills and impact on eye health.

To me, Prof. Hamel’s words make great sense

Optometry Victoria and Optometry South Australia have proposed unlocking their potential by merging their divisions. Members of the divisions are encouraged to consider the proposal, ask questions about what “may be” and have their say by casting their vote.

The concept of personalising your product and service offering may sound a little jargonistic, however Tim Thurn provides some very real examples of how retailers are currently personalising their offerings to attract more customers. In doing so, they’re experiencing significant growth. Importantly, he also offers practical strategies to help you do the same in optometry – and they don’t require a massive financial investment – just a change in the way things are done.

Of course changing the way things are done can only be achieved when you have a team with a sense of purpose, which requires a positive organisational culture.

Prof. Gary Hamel, from London Business School, makes a great point when he writes about engendering a sense of purpose in the workplace.

He says, “Purpose inspires – innovation depends on inspiration. If you really want innovation in organisations you have to unlock three things in humans: initiative, so that people see ideas and problems and take responsibility;
creativity, so people use their innate imagination to solve problems, and passion, so that they are bringing all their energy and all of themselves to their work. People aren’t inspired by economic motivation alone. A higher sense of purpose is what truly unlocks potential.”2

To me, Prof. Hamel’s words make great sense.

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