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Sunday / July 14.
HomemiproductsZeiss Clarus Fundus Imaging

Zeiss Clarus Fundus Imaging

The Zeiss Clarus 500 fundus imaging system comfortably provides true colour and high resolution ultra-widefield images. By using broad line fundus imaging technology, it is able to capture up to 200 degree images without dilation that closely resemble the colouration of the fundus as seen during clinical assessment.

The Clarus 500 facilitates detection, diagnosis and management of sight threatening conditions in a highly sensitive retinal examination, ensuring pathologies from the posterior pole to the far periphery are identified. By zooming in and visualising structures, such as the optic nerve head and macula in one true colour image, free of lid and lash obstructions, clinicians can now make more confident differential diagnoses and referral decisions while optimising their workflow and negating the need for additional colour fundus imaging systems.

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