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Saturday / May 18.
HomemifashionBeyond Expectation Frost Eyewear

Beyond Expectation Frost Eyewear

Vibrant, curvaceous, romantic, and clever… frost is a German eyewear brand developed by trained goldsmith Marion Frost and her husband Paris Frost.

Like many innovative brands, frost was born out of a desire to break away from current offerings in the market.

“We created our label in 1996. In Paris at that time, we were unable to find fashionable glasses so I designed a pair for Paris and thus, the idea of creating a unique glasses collection was born,” said Marion.


Marion is the embodiment of the couple’s eyewear brand with her bright smile, sparkling eyes, quirky style, and contagious personality.

She and Paris design and have their frames produced entirely in Germany’s Sasbach, and distribute them to retailers in over 40 countries.

The range comprises three collections: frost hot glasses made from acetate, and frost myfrost and frost f-type made from metal. Within these expansive collections are spectacle and sun frames for women, frames for men, and some that are designed to be unisex.

Marion says she loves the opportunity to design in both acetate and metal. “Acetate allows me to explore my passion for form, while metal enables me to innovate with new technologies and techniques,” she said.

Frost’s second metal collection – the f-type – which combines an urban look with technical innovation, such as a patented screwless hinge system, has been recognised with several awards including the Good Design-Award and Designprice Germany.



Designing Kleebatt for the myfrost collection, enabled Marion to experiment with spatial dimensions.

“For Kleebatt we designed filigree notches on the upper and lower frame edge, which reference a four-leaf clover shape,” said Marion, explaining that Kleebatt is the German equivalent of a four leaf clover.

The wearer can choose to have a lens that fills the depth or width of the frame but not both. In doing so, they also choose whether to create space between the frame and lens at top and bottom or left and right.

Other frames within the metal collections include stylised cats eyes with an unconventional arch, geometric and filigree cut away detailing, and other more conventional frame shapes.


Paris says colour is integral to frost’s DNA. “All our metal frames are colour anodised and PVD coated. This makes the colour 15 to 20 times more durable than a regular lacquer. It also brings the colour to life – when you change the angle of the frame, you see shimmering colour changes as well,” he said.

Featherweight frost hot glasses in acetate combine vibrant colours and soft gradients with smooth shapes. “The possibility of converting colour gradients and colour layers directly into the material make the spectacle design so versatile and varied. Each model has its own ‘touch’,” explains Marion. Indeed, each creation is expressive, strikingly different, but authentic.


Within the collection is Illusion, a unisex frame that combines two forms and is available in colours ranging from brilliant fuschia through to transparent grey.

“Illusion looks like it is for women, however it works for men as well,” said Marion. Paris said this is due to the shape. “It is unique – you have the square overlaid with an asymmetric shape. When those shapes are together they work.”


At Silmo Paris, frost launched new collections in acetate and metal designed around the theme of ‘love’. As always with Marion, each model is given an individual name that reflects its design. This time round, those models have also been woven into a story about love.

Explaining the story behind her new hot glasses acetate collection for example, which comprises models Hero, Bella, Facettes, Relax, Dune and Foxy, she said, “The Hero finds this beautiful woman Bella. After many adventures and hurdles, both are now striving for a wonderful future together.

“What lies in the future – a diamond with a fine cut (Facettes), a comfortable future together (Relax), new hurdles (Dune) or a sexy time (Foxy)?”

To illustrate how the model names reflect the design she said, “Hero is truly our hero with a simple and open form. The glasses are made of an acetate and stainless steel combination. The frame possesses a functional and decorative ring on the side. In terms of colour, the unisex model from our frost hot glasses collection presents itself discreetly in dark tones or patterned.”

Paying homage to one of history’s biggest love stories, Marion and Paris named two new stainless steel models in their myfrost collection Romeo and Juliet.

Romeo is a powerful square shape with a brilliant carbon structure on the surface, whereas Juliet has a feminine oval shape with fine lines that emphasise the design and create a delicate overall impression.



Marion and Paris have designed an impressively large spectacle range to suit all personalities – from ‘understated classic’ to ‘ready for the grand entrance’. The options are further expanded with the ability to mix and match temples and fronts, and of course their ever evolving collections.

To view all full collections visit www. pm-frost.de/en Frost is distributed in Australia by Unique I. Contact (AUS) 0435 452 773.


(Top to bottom): Bella, Dune, Foxy and Julliette