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Thursday / August 11.
HomeminewsContinued Efforts Needed to Promote Good Vision, Says Essilor

Continued Efforts Needed to Promote Good Vision, Says Essilor

Essilor has highlighted the need for continued efforts to raise awareness and increase access to good vision.

On World Sight Day the company took the opportunity to remind the world of the 2.5 million people who continue to suffer from uncorrected, poor vision because they are not aware of their symptoms or don’t have access to vision correction.

The message emphasised the importance of the company’s vision, set out by Hubert Sagnières, Essilor’s Chairman and CEO, who has stated that, “everyone should have the right to good vision. Wherever the 7.4 billion inhabitants of this planet need vision correction and vision protection – we must be there”.

The growing prevalence of myopia, Australia’s ageing population and the need for people to protect their eyes against UV and blue light means there is an increasing need across Australia for improved lens technologies and products that help combat these conditions and challenges.

This is something Essilor says it is committed to helping address, both in Australia, and more broadly, around the world. In a statement, a spokesperson said,  “Seeing well is essential. It’s important for education, health and safety and our quality of life. 80 per cent of what our children learn is through sight. However, 30 per cent of the world’s children have a vision problem. In addition, 30 per cent of the global workforce has poor vision, a condition that creates considerable social and economic impact for people, starting near the outset of life for many. Yet in many cases, people with visual impairments do not even know they need a correction because they have never had a sight test.

“To mark World Sight Day 2018 and the company’s commitment to improving vision across the world, Essilor would like to thank all its employees, partners and customers who are helping to put vision first, today and every day of the year. This ongoing and unwavering commitment is helping the Essilor business to create the change needed for the whole world to see clearly.”


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