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Friday / July 12.
HomeminewsProf. Sankaridurg: Global Myopia Centre

Prof. Sankaridurg: Global Myopia Centre

Leading international myopia researcher, Professor Padmaja Sankaridurg has been appointed Head of the ‘Global Myopia Centre’ at the Brien Holden Vision Institute.

The centre’s objective is to develop knowledge that supports activities to reverse the rising trend of myopia globally and to consolidate the Institute’s position as a leader in the field.

Professor Sankaridurg, previously head of the Institute’s Myopia Program, said the new role would “bring together and improve our focus on research, innovation and education, and take an active role in advocacy programs and implementing public health and community based myopia management strategies.”

In late November, a delegation headed by Professor Xu Xun from Shanghai Eye Disease Prevention and Treatment Center (SEDPTC), Shanghai visited the Institute to formally enter into a three year program focussed on activities related to community wide implementation of myopia prevention strategies.

“SEDPTC is a leading eye centre based in Shanghai with expertise in working together with health and education bureaus. It has expertise in community based interventions as well as an active interest in myopia control,” explained Prof. Sankaridurg.

A further focus for the Global Myopia Centre will be to bring expertise and resources in myopia research, the Institute’s Myopia Education Program and global advocacy onto one platform. This will equip and provide resources for vision scientists and eye care professionals to manage the impending escalation in myopia.