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Tuesday / June 18.
HomemiproductsOpti-Soothe, Hylo-Fresh, Hylo-Forte and Novatears

Opti-Soothe, Hylo-Fresh, Hylo-Forte and Novatears

AFT Pharmaceuticals has added to its dry eye range with Opti-Soothe masks and eyelid wipes. Preservative free eyelid wipes gently remove debris from the eyelid with a unique formulation of tea tree oil, hyaluronic acid, camomile and aloe vera.

The reusable Opti-Soothe moist heat mask relieves symptoms of dry eye, blepharitis, meibomian gland dysfunction, chalazion and styes. The mask uses HydroBead technology which absorbs moisture from the air. Once heat activated, it releases 10 minutes of natural consistent moist heat. Easy to use, washable, and can be used for cold therapy.

Hylo-Fresh (sodium hyaluronate 0.1% w/v, 10mL) offers long lasting lubrication for dry eyes of moderate or medium severity. Hylo-Forte (0.2% sodium hyaluronate w/v, 10mL) is suitable for severe or chronic dry eye. Both are phosphate free, suitable for use post-surgery, and can be used with all contact lenses.

Both Hylo-Fresh and Hylo-Forte feature an airless application system to protect the solution from contaminated ambient air for up to six months after opening, and ensure precise delivery of at least 300 sterile drops without use of preservatives.

NovaTears (Perfluorohexyloctane 100%, 3mL) eye lubricant and tear film stabiliser acts as a lubricating lipid layer stabiliser and evaporative barrier for improved tear film stability and quality. Spreads quickly and easily on the eye with a long lasting effect, and has a pleasant warm silky feeling with no blurring, stinging, or burning. Available in a multi-dose bottle, it contains no preservatives, phosphates, or surfactants, and can be used for six months after opening.

Contact: AFT Pharmaceuticals (AUS) 02 9420 0420 or (NZ) 0800 423 823