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Saturday / April 20.
HomeminewsMyopia & Presbyopia Soft CLs Launched

Myopia & Presbyopia Soft CLs Launched

Mark’ennovy has launched Mylo, a soft contact lens for myopia management, powered by Brien Holden Vision Institute’s patented Extended Depth of Focus technology.

According to George Sarrouf, CEO and Chairman at mark’ennovy, “Considering the growing prevalence of myopia, the eye care sector is faced with a great responsibility to minimise the alarming consequences it can have on a patient’s long term vision and eye health”.

Professor Padmaja Sankaridurg, Head of the Global Myopia Centre at Brien Holden Vision Institute said, “The performance of Mylo is the result of the lens’ Extended Depth of Focus design. The lens design provides a signal to slow eye growth by degrading the quality of the image behind the eye and therefore reducing the risk of the eye growing posteriorly”.

Mylo has been granted CE marking as a medical device specifically for myopia management. It has been released alongside EDOF, a new soft contact lens for presbyopes, also developed by mark’ennovy and powered by the Institute’s Extended Depth of Focus technology.

Speaking of the monthly individually crafted silicone hydrogel lens, Dr. Fabian Conrad from the Institute said, “The optimisation of higher order aberrations, having taken into consideration different pupil sizes, decentrations and aberrations, support clear vision at all distances minimising unwelcomed visual disturbances like ghosting and haloes.”

Neil Goodenough, mark’ennovy’s Group R&D Director said, “The Brien Holden Vision Institute’s patented technology supports a comfortable adjustment to the EDOF, enhancing the overall wearing experience”.