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Monday / April 15.
HomeminewsProVision Celebrates 30 Years

ProVision Celebrates 30 Years

ProVision has celebrated 30 years of helping independent optometrists and their practices to prosper. The organisation, formerly known as Australia’s Independent Optometrists (AIO), was established by the Australian Optometrical Association (AOA) in 1989. Its establishment was led by Joe Chakman, with the assistance of practitioners, including Brian Layland and inaugural Chairperson Heather Waldron.

From L to R: Pierre Longerna (Essilor), Peter Cunningham (Alumni), John Kingshott (Member TAS), Andew Maver & Andrew Koch (Members TAS), Norm Russo (Member VIC),
Brendan Burke (Jack Chapman Laboratory), Lyn Brodie (OA), and Joe Chakman.

AOA established the AIO based on two fundamental beliefs:

1) Eyecare is, in the main, best delivered in private practice by practitioners who have control over clinical decisions and a direct, continuous and personal contact with the patient; and

2) The survival and progress of optometry relies on a strong sector of independent practices, which provides a comprehensive range of services including dispensing.

While both organisations have undergone significant change over the ensuing 30 years – AOA became Optometrists Association Australia (OAA) and then Optometry Australia (OA), and AIO became ProVision in 1999 – these fundamental beliefs remain at the centre of all that ProVision does.

This is translated into ProVision’s Mission: Ensure the ongoing viability of independent optometry by providing practices with the business services and products needed to keep them growing, competitive and profitable. 

The original members and suppliers, who were instrumental to ProVision’s formation 30 years ago, were recognised at a celebratory dinner on 26 May. The dinner was attended by the ProVision Board (Ian Bluntish – Chair, Bryan Fuller, Rowena Beckenham, Bernie Eastwood, Brett Jenkinson, Andrew Koch), ProVision’s CEO Steven Johnston and management team, as well as the following recipients of recognition awards: Joe Chakman, Optometry Australia (award accepted by Lyn Brodie), members – Norm Russo (Vic), John Kingshott (Tas), Partners of Total Eyecare (Tas), Peter Cunningham (Vic – Alumni), and suppliers – Essilor Australia, European Eyewear, and Jack Chapman.

Additionally, awards have been presented to the following people who were unable to attend the event: Brian Davey (QLD), Brian Layland (NSW), Ian Liley (Tas), Ian Frame (Tas) and European Eyewear (founding supplier).