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Monday / June 24.
HomemiproductsBlephex & Blephadex

Blephex & Blephadex

Blepharoexfoliation is a painless in-practice procedure that uses a handheld device called Blephex to spin a patented disposable tip that exfoliates and cleans the lid margin of collarettes, meibomian plugs, scurf and debris. Supplement this with at home treatments such as lid wipes and cleaners.

New Blephadex lid applicators, foam and wipes contain tea tree oil, coconut oil, and lid cleanser to help fight blepharitis at its cause. Applicators can be used in-practice to treat lid margins during a patient consultation. The wipes and foam are used at home to keep lid margins clean. Not available in pharmacy or supermarkets.

Contact: Optimed (AUS) 1300 657 720