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Tuesday / July 16.
HomeminewsBHVI, Chinese Hospitals Collaborate

BHVI, Chinese Hospitals Collaborate

BHVI has signed a three-year agreement with the AIER Eye Hospital Group – a global network of more than 500 specialised hospitals, including 30 across China. The agreement will continue collaborative work on key myopia management projects commenced in 2015.

Professor Padmaja Sankaridurg, Program LEader, Myopia BHVI said the signing marked a significant step forward in BHVI’s collaboration with AIER.

“AIER and BHVI are deeply committed to this ongoing partnership as we work together on key aspects of myopia management, including conducting trials and disseminating information via scientific journals for the benefit of the broader population.

“Rebecca Weng and I have been working closely with Dr Weizhang Lan and Dr Yang from AIER and we are pleased to be able to continue and further the epidemiological studies and clinical trials involving optical devices with scientists that we admire greatly.”