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Tuesday / June 18.
HomemiproductsHoyalux ID Myself

Hoyalux ID Myself

Hoyalux ID Myself is a new progressive lens that “elevates binocular performance to the next level” thanks to Hoya’s proven Binocular Harmonization Technology and pioneering 3D Binocular Vision.

With the addition of innovative 3D Binocular Vision, Hoyalux ID Myself is able to control the unwanted prismatic effect on the periphery of the lens. This allows progressive lens wearers to benefit from significantly reduced distortion and swaying effect along all dimensions.

According to Hoya, wearers enjoy exceptional clarity of vision, enhanced focus switch with significantly reduced eye and head movements, and stable vision with less distortion and swaying effect for easy adaptation between different visual tasks, including the use of digital devices.

Adapt Ease Technology improves the near and intermediate visual width and gaze transition without influencing the far vision. Thanks to optimised visual fields, Hoyalux ID Myself offers a pleasant experience while using digital devices, as well as during any outdoor activities with significantly improved near and intermediate visual fields with no compromise on the far vision, optimised intermediate field for the pleasant use of digital devices, an easy and fast adaptation curve, and relaxed eyes even during near tasks.

Contact: Hoya Account Manager