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Sunday / June 16.
HomeminewsMyHealth1st Connects: HCPs with Consumers

MyHealth1st Connects: HCPs with Consumers

An online educational portal for consumers has been launched by MyHealth1st. The portal is a repository of health information and news, ranging from common ailments and symptoms, to drug information, testing procedures and tips for living a healthier life.

“From a consumer’s perspective, healthcare remains complex and confusing. Consumers don’t know when they should be seeing a healthcare service provider or exactly which services to seek out,” said Klaus Bartosch, CEO and co-founder of MyHealth1st.

Rather than being a tool for self-diagnosis, the portal enables people to do some basic research then easily book an appointment with an appropriate provider or specialist. In doing so, MyHealth1st hopes consumers will seek timely professional medical advice, so that conditions can be diagnosed earlier, and intervention initiated for better management of symptoms and disease progression.

MyHealth1st also sees portal as a way to help healthcare providers more effectively engage with their patients by referring them to a consumer friendly resource for extra information, tips for alleviating symptoms, and even patient case studies.

“Our vision for MyHealth1st from day one was to help educate and simplify access to healthcare,” said Mr Bartosch. “The launch of the MyHealth1st educational portal delivers on this vision. We are providing our customers with a platform to enable them to engage their patients in a meaningful way while also attracting new patients to their businesses.”

MyHealth1st has invited healthcare providers, specialists and doctors, to share their expertise by contributing content to the portal. For information, email Daniel Wilks: dwilks@myhealth1st.com.au.